Herobox keep reboot

my herobox loads “chuwi” logo with the loader and after 1 minute reboot
no window logo shown and keep reboot after about a minute
what can i do ?

I have the same problem, but I haven’t been able to solve it yet, I opened a topic in the forum, I sent an email to the chuwi service part, I’m waiting…

I hope its not ssd problem and that i wont need to buy new ssd. If u will solve it pls let me know . Thanks

It has not been solved yet, there is no operating system on the device, only the logo appears at startup, and then the logo goes dark again. There is such a vicious circle. I guess I need to install an operating system first, but I don’t know how to do it because I couldn’t enter the bios yet… Could the bios be deleted?

Please send me the exact model and serial number of the computer. I will help you find the corresponding system files to solve the problem.
Thank you and best wishes
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model - herobox 180G
please help

This is the file for reinstalling the system. You can solve the problem of computer restart by reinstalling the system.
thank you

how do i install this ?

This is the installation tutorial you need.
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hi thanks
i tried to copy the files to usb fat32 format but there is a big file 8.25GB size so it cant copy.
i format it to ntfs and copy all files but it wont load anything , i see the chuwi logo and then it tries to load something from the usb but i see black screen only (even wait long time nothing shown)
is there any stages i need to do ? to format in some way the usb ?

Did you follow the tutorial I sent you? When the chuwi logo appears, press ESC to enter the BIOS, and then select USB flash drive to start.

This is a text and picture tutorial, you can refer to.
thank you

Hello, you can try to reinstall the system, thank you

Hello Dear,
I have the same problem with my HeroBox 180g20041047,
CHUWI Herobox NEW Arrival Mini PC Intel Gemini-Lake N4100 Quad Core LPDDR4 8GB 180G SSD Windows 10 Operating system
may I use the same file ? thank you

afetr trying to install from 2 different usb (sanDisk) it didnt do anything , tried other usb and it works , i got this error - seems to be hardware problem . so fast and hardware problem :frowning:

if ill buy new SSD HD and replace the existing ( whive i think cause the problem) can i install new SSD with this windows version you sent ? do i have to do any other actions ?

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Have you gone through the instruction I emailed you? When the chuwi logo shows, press ESC to enter the BIOS, then choose USB flash drive as the boot device.

after long time waiting to new HD , it turn out this was the problem
got new harddisk and even install windows 11 on it and it working perfect
no need any drivers , windows 11 do it all
so if you have any reboot problems the HD can be the cause