Herobox, reinstalling windows


After trying to resize the windows partition the pc fails to start with a blue screen.
After that, I tried to reinstall windows from a USB flash drive but windows can’t find the disk anymore
and asking me to find the drivers.
any help?

thank you

try to use different windows image or different usb port (2.0)

the image is from Microsoft’s page. Where I can find a different image, do you have one with the disk drivers? I have already tried a different USB port.

You usually create a USB install media from Microsoft’s “Media Creation Tool”.


Yes thats what I did, still can’t find driver. Is there anything else I can try?

Make sure your disk drive works properly, for example you can run any WinPE or live usb.
Usualy this is a usb problem (port or usb drive), try to use another usb drive which has never been used for boot images or windows image.