Reinstall Windows get error

Hi @ all and a Happy new Year. I have a Problem with my chuwi hi 10 air tablet. I Would to like reinstall Windows 10. But at the flashing the screen get red and i get a error

failed to make w:\recycler\scratch directory

anyone have can help me?!AqpKvT8-VB_8-RPdDsgftGS4Ix56?e=ZeVTz4

Thank you for your fast answer. If i have clean the disk 0 and restart the install. I get the same error. If i list disk again the disk 0 are at the status as before i clean. Have you any help?

Try again, disk O must have all available space of its capacity. Try another pendrive in case the one you are using has a hidden directory

I have used 3 usb sticks :smiley:

Try installing windows using the image from microsoft, if this also fails, then you may have a problem with hardware.

Ok then inhave a problem with hardware? Is this 64bit or 23bit version?

Hi10 Air is 64 bits.

Ok good. I have tryed this. Can i format the hdd of tablet with diskpart while flashing? I dont can change options in bios to. Thats no saved. Need i a acess for change anyone?

To install Windows from a usb obtained from the Microsoft page it is not necessary to format since the Wndows installation program itself is responsible for doing so and creating the necessary partitions. What you should do is choose custom installation and when asked where you want to install Windows, remove on that screen all the partitions of the disk, indicating as an installation destination the unallocated space resulting after having removed all the partitions.
Once you have installed Windows, you must install the drivers for non-Intel devices.

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Yes i have tryed it. If i klick to format or delete the partition. The tablet is loading and updateing the screen but nothing is happend. The partition is always there. Is the flash disk locked? Can i try a bios update?

If you delete partitions and they reappear after rebooting, you may have problems with the internal storage. Did you buy a tablet this spring from Aliexpress or Gearbest? A lot of people had that problem.

You can boot using live usb and try downloading a movie or some video larger than 1GB onto the tablet’s memory, if after rebooting the file gets damaged or disappears, then only technical support will help you.

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People with a similar problem had to change memory, for example, they replaced the standard Sandisk memory with Samsung.

Yes i have buy it in 05.2019 at wish. Can i change the storage myself?

Yes, but you need soldering station and skills for bga soldering :upside_down_face:

Where have you buy the emmc? Have you a link for me?

You can resolder any 4.5-5.1v 169bga emmc, for example 1 , 2 , 3.