I need help wit

Hi everyone:
I open this topic because I would like help with a problem that I have had for a long time and cannot solve.

I have a chuwi Hi10 Air tablet with serial number: Q64G19032028;
Which the problem is that every 10 minutes of use a blue screen appears, looking on the internet, the most common conclusion is that the flash has been damaged by a windows update, which I have tried to flash with files taken from the forums of this community with the famous WINPE pendrive, but even so it has not worked since it says when it reaches the diskpart screen that it does not find the necessary partition.

If anyone knows any solution or idea I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much to all, greetings.

First of all check the RAM
If you can boot into the system, then the disk partitions should be initialized, try another program such as AOMEI Partition Assistant.
Also try to reinstall the system with a media creation tool from microsoft.

Ok, thanks for that solution, I try and I tell for here if works or not, and, i try reinstall the system too, but, when I´m the screem for select the partition where install the system, appears a message that say that not detected any device.