HeroBox Wake On Lan

Hi - can anyone advise if WOL actually works with Windows 10/11 on the Herobox.
I’ve enabled it in the BIOS, and set the RealTek NIC options to “Enabled” for the couple of entries in Advanced Nic property options.

another method I’ve tried to wake up the pc is to have a windows task scheduled which is set to wake up the PC. This doesnt work either.

I’m at a loss at what else to try really.

  1. Turn on the WOL function
    Boot into BIOS setup
  2. Register an account (there is the address of the DDNS service provider in the router settings)
  3. Set up the router
    Log in to the router, the bottom of the router has the account password and login address, the address is generally or, and then log in to the DDNS account
    Set IP and MAC binding
    Find the MAC address of your computer and bind it
    Set up port mapping, some routers are called virtual servers
    Fourth, set the network card
    If it is Windows system:
    Set the network card’s shutdown wake-on-LAN and magic packet wake-up to on
  4. Try to wake up
    You can download the WOL wake-up software on your mobile phone to wake up. If you don’t want to install the software, you can use the following website to wake up.
    If you use a website, you don’t need to remember the MAC address and domain name. When you wake up, you only need to enter the account password. You can wake up the computer anywhere, as long as there is something that can access the Internet, you can also remember the password.
    Enter the account password, MAC address, and the domain name to fill in the free domain name you applied for, and the port to fill in the port you just mapped.

Hi - I use WOL on my router for other devices, these are ok.

I’ve checked the settings on the Herobox and all is as you have described. I just cannot get the PC to either WOL or get a scheduled task to power on the PC