Hi10 Air emmc read-only problem

Last year I bought the Chuwi HI10 Air. After two months I was having the famous blue screen from windows. (It started after windows updates)

I was been trying to solve it and after no results I put it in the closed for a few months. Now i’m trying again and also without any result, that is wy i’m reaching out for you. (I have two months of guarantee left).

It will start up and then after 5 a 10 mins a Bluescreen with Memory management error will show. It will always reverd the laptop bag to the second of June 2019.

I have tried as follows;

  1. Set Windows 10 back to factory settings from within Windows 10, it will not because while it is resetting the Blue Screen shows.

  2. Use Advanced start up (Shift +Restart) to do a System Restore, Boot to Safe Mode or Reset Windows 10 and everytime it just boots back to Windows normally.

  3. Even tried a flash update from the Chuwi website. Unfortunatlly. Not working, it is not possible for the automated flash stick to format the EMMC and assign letters to it.So i get a big red screen with an installation error.

  4. I even tried to install a complete new windows installation but also i get problems by formatting the disk, Not possible with any program i can guess…

Please help me fix the tablet.

Kind Regards,

It is the same issue as many other customers.

See the forum; Chuwi Hi10 Fresh Reinstall

  • This is a 99% hardware problem. There are a lot of people with such a problem on the russian 4pda forum - after deleting files, they appear back after a reboot, formatting does not help, restoring windows too. If you upload some files to disk and reboot, they will disappear or will be corrupted. Only replacing emmc helps.
    It’s called “read-only” emmc status.

There is nothing to but repairing the EMMC module.

I first have to reach out to the forum. I have reach out to aftersales.but first I have to try with you all to solve it.

If it is possible please let me know a solution and I will try solve it.

Thanks in advanced

Hi10 Air Q64G19032633 is my number