Hi10 Air Not Powering On

Hello @manonegra222, @Management,

I was in the BIOS (didn’t change any settings, used Exit Discarding Changes option) and my Hi10 Air has stopped booting. Neither is the CHUWI logo displayed, nor does the red power LED glow. Even after connecting the charger, the red power LED does not blink.

Is there any way to reset the BIOS or force the Hi10 Air into booting again?



I suspect that it might be an incompatible BIOS setting that may have got saved. Will removing the battery reset the BIOS settings to factory defaults? Can someone share a document/video that shows how to remove the back cover? Thanks!

Not all, only the parameters that are stored in CMOS, almost all the parameters are in NVRAM.

Like hi13, but you don’t need to worry about keyboard connector, it’s placed on display part.

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Guess you’re right, but it was worth a try. I’ve removed the backplate:

Where’s the BIOS IC located?

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Thanks, glad I don’t have to pry out the metal shield plate.

I guess I could take it to a laptop repair shop, but I’d like to try and do it myself if it’s not too difficult. Could you share a link to the BIOS file and recommend a suitable programmer?

Probably most cheapest and suitable programmer is ch341a and 1.8v adapter.

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How about these?
CH341A Programmer

1.8V Adapter


Thanks a lot, really appreciate your help! :+1:

Yes, that’s all you need. But sometimes the clip for bios IC does not transfer enough voltage to the chip and the bios is not flashed correctly. I recommend after flashing read the firmware and compare it with the downloaded one.

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I’ve ordered the items. Should get here in a week’s time. I found a link to a video detailing the process in another thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K8Xif-6GUw

I’ll update here after I receive the items.

Thanks again for your help!

2 questions:

  1. In the link that you shared there are 4 BIOS files 1903, 1906, 1908, 1910. Which of these should I use?
  2. The chip programmer software requires the following data:
    Type: 25\26 SPI FLASH
    Manu: WINBOND
    Name: W25Q64FW
    Is this correct?

Thanks a lot!

it depends on your serial number.

Name should be as it written on the chip of your tablet. Mine is 25LQ64CVIG, yours can be different.

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There’s Hi10 Air Q64G19080635 printed on the back cover. So, BIOS 1908?


I’m having the same chip, 25LQ64CVIG, but the CH341A Programmer 1.34 utility shows it as GD25LQ64:

Please confirm if my settings are OK.

Also, do I need to disconnect the Hi10’s battery while flashing the BIOS?

The settings are correct. The battery should preferably be disconnected.

I received the CH341A programmer kit today. But, it does not detect the BIOS IC:

Any suggestions?

Make sure that the key on the chip and the key on the programmer match.
If they match, there may be 3 problems:

  1. Programmer can’t provide enough power to bios ic - in this case you need shorter clips or unsolder ic;

  2. CPU interferes - you need to short quartz (crystal oscillator) near to CPU;

  3. Bios ic is dead.

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Seems to be the case. I took the tablet to a laptop repair shop; they too couldn’t read the IC after de-soldering it from the motherboard.
Where can I get a replacement IC? Or, will any other BIOS IC work?

You can use any compatible ic, xxxxxx64xxx (64Mb \ 8MB) with 1.8 power input.

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