Hi10 - how to reset windows without password

I work for a charity / thrift shop here in Colorado.

We’ve had a Hi10 tablet and keyboard donated,

Android has been factory reset.

Windows 10 still has the previous owner’s login information and the normal windows 10 reset process (click power while pressing shift) does not work.

How do I reset Windows 10 please?



Startup, settings, update and security, recovery, reset this PC

That doesn’t work in this case as I can’t get past the previous owner’s logon page and there is no apparent way into the usual Win 10 restore options.

You can remove the previous user’s word using Hirens boot cd

You put it in a bootable usb and you start it without starting windows, you start from the usb as if you were going to format, you start a miniwindows lite loaded in ram and it has a utility to change password that if you leave it blank you remove it

Thank you. I’ll do that and report back so others know how this works out

Ok, I await your comments.