Windows 10 Reset


I reset my Windows OS on Hi Book 10 Dualboot but after reset, I can’t log-in to windows because I can’t connect to internet with wifi. The wifi is not showing available networks to connect to.

Please Help.!
Chuwi Windows Log-in Screen|343x500
CHUWI CWI514 Serial

If you had asked for help before, or if you had read a little, you would have had no problems. Although it is no longer useful, you should have made a copy of the drivers for your device before resetting anything. You could also have done a Windows reset in the system options. Now you have to download the drivers for the specific thread of your tablet model and install them one by one

May i know where to download and how to install them one by one? Can i remove android and make use of windows only?

Does this mean I can no longer use the unit? Please let me know what are the steps, I wasn’t aware of the issue when Windows will be reset. May I know where to download all drivers so I can setup my unit again. Hoping for your help on this matter.