When I reset my windows tablet HI-12 with fully clean drive Then after reset, what is the " default user name" and “default password” of windows 10.

how reset user name and password offline at windows 10 in my HI-12 tablet because online option(wifi,ethernet) is not available.

write to

salve anche io ho lo stesso problema. lei come ha fatto a risolvere?

Hello, I see that the thread is old, the same thing has happened to me, I have restored windows and when I start it asks me this. Why does it do it?

I have sent an email but have not replied.

What is the username and password?

I could see with the command “net user” that the users are “Administrator and Guest” but they are disabled, there is another user called WDAGUtilityAccount but I don’t know the password.

I have reset the password for that user but it does not start, I have also enabled the users Administrator and Guest but when starting it gives many errors and does not start well.

Now I am trying to boot with a pendrive with Windows 10, at the moment I am installing it in the partition named WINDOWS, I hope not to have errors.

Any suggestions?