HI10 no free space in memory after w10 install

After the forced install of w10 I had loose free memory. How to solve the problem !??

You had to change the size of the partitions during the reinstallation, if you didn’t do this, now you can do this through the disk manager or using disk management programs.
Choose partition to increase and click extend volume.

Also you can read this manual.

Wait I not explained it good. I mean before was 64gb and 50% free. After install w10 I have only 10gb free still have 64gb memory . W10 it’s too big .

Probably old windows are not deleted, check if you have folder “windows.old” in drive C and delete it.

Also you can use Windirstat, this program will show file and folder sizes.

Yet did it . I mean usually with a HI10 only w10 installed what’s the free total space ?

Usually after applying all the updates and fully configuring Windows, the free space is about 40 GB.

Yes! This I remember! But unfortunately now on my pc there are free only 10 gb . So how I can do for reset it and
Back to the previous 40gb ? If I try to reinstall/reset windows nothing changes …

If you use microsoft iso file you need to delete all partitions and then choose unallocated space for installing windows on it.
If you use windows files from this forum you just need to delete all partitions and boot from flash drive.