Hi10 Plus Installing Windows, ACPI BIOS ERROR

Hi10 Plus LQ64G42180301014

Trying to install Windows using the software from [Hi10 Plus] [Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS, Windows, Bios Download , I get a ACPI BIOS ERROR.

Do I need to flash the BIOS?


Will the Hi10 Plus 64G42170200001 BIOS work on the LQ64G42180301014?


64G42170200001 BIOS is the latest BIOS I can find on this site. Where can i download a newer BIOS for


Success. I think i just got lucky and had random success but this is what I did. disabled everything under acpi in bios. booted to usb and same acpi error. Booted tablet. chose the W for windows instead of android. computer rebooted since windows not installed. restored default settings in bios. disabled acpi top setting only. booted to usb and windows installed.