HI10 Plus stop alone and impossible to restart

My HI10 Plus(LQ64G42171109749) stopped alone during Google play update (the battery was OK) and now it’s impossible to restart it. I pushed for a long time on/off button, nothing happen ; when I plug the charger the LED doesn’t blink. I opened the tablet, disconnect the battery and reconnect, it doesn’t work.
What can I do ?
Do you think it could be a bios problem ? If yes what is the procedure to reprogram it with a clamp (I found the procedure for HI12 but not for HI10) ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Yes, the procedure is the same as with the Hi12, but logically using the Bios files of your tablet model. For the @management to put the link of the bios files you have to provide the serial number that appears on the back of the tablet

This is the bios for your Hi10 plus.

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