[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download

Hi. I need the bios and flash manual for Hi10 HQ64G42171001366.

Please describe your proble to service@chuwi.com .

I have a chuwi hi 10 pro sn: HQ64G42170104240
is there any way to install an android more modern than version 5?

This link does not work for me. Is there another for 1701?

Hi! could you send me the touch screen files from your backup? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: b32jagaj@gmail.com

Hi, the touch screen does not work in my tablet (HQ64G42180101225), I installed the driver included inside the drivers file provided and the screen moves like crazy, it is unusable in this state. Could anyone provide me with a backup from that driver?


  • My Hi10Pro has a Camera sensor unicam gc2355 but the Chuwi download wrongly contains the driver for an ov2680 instead. This linked file is the Camera Sensor Unicam gc2355 Windows driver and I installed it by right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting Install.
  • On receipt, my Hi10 Pro had the SileadTouch driver v17 [which works] but the Chuwi download has v10 [which does not work]. This linked file is the SileadTouch v17.18.16.457 Windows driver and I installed it by right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting Install.

By using the combination of the Chuwi download & the downloads I have posted, all my Chuwi Hi10 Pro hardware works. I’m currently on Windows 10 Home Ver 1909 [x64].

If you want to know how to backup your drivers then look in Backup and Restore Device Drivers - TenForumsTutorials and post any further questions there. {In any further questions, include @Try3 in the text so that I get told of your question.}

Here is a diagram listing all my drivers.

  • If I have not added an explanatory note, the driver concerned was included in the Chuwi download.
  • The SwitchNow utility is sometimes needed to switch off the OS choice at boot even though Android is no longer on my system. If I had foreseen the need for it I could have just copied it from the original installation but I actually got it from MediaFire


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Hello, I have a Chuwi Hi10 Pro PQ64G42160801857 with the famous sdcard issue. Is there a way to fix this? Some people say it’s possible, some people say it’s not. I’m really starting to run low on storage and I need both Android and Windows…

hello, I have the same problem I believe with my chuwi hi10 pro I posted on this forum I wanted to format until I read your exchanges. Please can you tell me where to find it in the SileadTouch device manager?
thank you in advance

I am not sure what you mean. My previous post included a link to the SileadTouch driver that worked in my Hi10Pro.

“•On receipt, my Hi10 Pro had the SileadTouch driver v17 [which works] but the Chuwi download has v10 [which does not work]. This linked file** is the SileadTouch v17.18.16.457 Windows driver and I installed it by right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting Install.”
** https://1drv.ms/u/s!AGByMtOTDnr1lEo



Hello Denis thank you my touchscreen under windows does not work. I have tried everything I cannot install the drivers The rotation works and the touchscreen at startup and under android works

What do you mean by
1 “I cannot install the drivers”
2 “the touchscreen at startup … works”
3 Are there any warning icons in Device manager, any ‘Other devices’ or any ‘Unknown devices’? [expand each section to see - I’ve enclosed a sample from another computer]
Device manager warning signs-icons and Other devices


Hi you seem to have a large knowledge of the Hi10 Pro can you help me out with this question my Model number HQ64G42170700632 can anyone tell me if the correct software to use is under the The serial number for HQ64G421707 as the files say HQ64G42170705940.

Many Thanks

You’ll have to ask Chuwi.


Ok thanks for the info.

Hi, i have Chuwi hi10 pro dual PQ64G42160902610 model CW1529 (windows + android), i follow the tutorial for reinstalling both OS but something went wrong during process now my tablet doesnt boot anymore. it went off, (power off) when windows was installing. I cant turn on anymore. I tried everything Power on/off issues. I think it’s a bios error. Does someone can send me the correct BIOS for flashing it?

If you can’t turn on tablet - you can’t flash bios without hardware tools.
Try to reset bios:

  1. turn on - the LED starts flashing
  2. hold the power button until it goes off
  3. release and immediately press the power button back (very fast)
  4. wait 20 seconds and release
  5. turn on


  1. Leave the power button pressed for 30 seconds.
  2. When released, press it again 3 times in a row.
  3. Put the tablet to charge and check if it turns on

I was updating Windows partition with fresh version. I think I deleted a couple other partitions in the process. Now for some reason, when the system boots, it goes straight to the BIOS menu, but does not accept any USB keyboard input, which was working fine. Also will not accept F7 during start up, I presume as it wont accept any keyboard input. Any ideas on what I can do to solve this?

Never mind, I fixed this problem. The USB-C Port on my hub was not long enough to properly seat with the Hi10 Pro’s socket. With the cover off, it can reach and the keyboard is recognized. It was working before, but must have just been barely long enough and worked the one or two times. Could not get it to seat all the way after.

I could use the BIOS for my Hi10 Pro though. SN: PQ64G42160901740

Buenas, tengo el modelo HQ64G42161201595. Según tus pruebas qué archivos de android y Windows son los correctos, gracias.

I need correct BIOS for Hi 10 pro my serial# Hi10 HQ64G42171104643
After update from head of topic I have got split screen, example in attachment