[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download

Hi, I have a Tablet Hi10 Pro Serial: HQ64G42180101225:

Thank you very much.

Please i need windows and all drivers

And if you have BIOS single os window send me
Thank youuuu

I need help please. This Bios works in my serial number and fix the SD card problem?

  1. for you :
    2.Flash BIOS may not be able to solve this problem, because it could be a CPU problem.
    3.We have this tutorial, but unfortunately the computer is backing up the data because the system needs to be reinstalled so we can only send it to you tomorrow.

Thank you my bro very much

Thank you very much! Please, send me the tutorial as soon as you can!

Hi bro,check here http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3mlx6jisi6vqyf/the_instruction_to_flash_BIOS_by_U-disk.docx/file

I downloaded the Windows 10 for my device, tried to make a bootable USB flash drive that will contain everything.
When used FAT32 file system the wmi file was too big for the file system, and when used NTFS the boot manager did not recognized my flash drive.

How do I need to install the OS?


This is flash bios for my device? CW1529??
And this for dual is or single is?
And I need link for windows and all drivers plz

Hi, I followed the tutorial but the process gets stuck at this point:

In the tutorial, the AMI firmware update utility proceeds to flash the BIOS after reading startup.nsh

In the past, I removed some partitions from the internal storage, may this be the the problem cause?

Any idea of the cause/solution for this problem?

EDIT 1: I opened startup.nsh, looks like it is checking for something in Fs1, Fs2, Fs3 and Fs4 (I don’t know what is the meaning of Fs… “Flash Storage”?) and it is not finding it, the program checks Fs1>Fs2>Fs3>Fs4>Fs2>… on a infinite cycle. I think that whatever the program is looking for is the cause of the problem.

Install Windows forum: go and download it, and all you have to do is paste the files on a pen drive in NFTS format and name it “WINPE” without the quotes. Press the power button and do not give anything, when the white screen to choose system appears, an icon of a W in a fairly small size should appear on the right, that is the one to select and the installation will begin

Does the USB drive suppose to be a bootable drive?
And what about the Android image? What is the needed file system and how should I call the driver?

Many thanks

Okay, I succeeded to run the installer, but faced the following error

What now?

You must perform the steps indicated in this thread:

Hi10 Pro Android (2017.11):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.11):

driver is here

Thank you very much I try this

You’re welcome. I hope it helps