[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download

I tried, but got the same error. my SN is HQ64G42161206942, maybe I downloaded the wrong OS file?

try another pendrive

Great! I have been able to flash the BIOS, looks like the cause of the problem was startup.nsh.

I pressed ESC during the countdown, and then I typed this in the console to flash the BIOS:

  1. fpt64.efi -f bios.bin
  2. set -v efishellmode 1.1.2
  3. mm -io cf9 6 # warm boot

The flashing ran perfectly, the tablet starts and boots normally (Thank god), however, the SD card problem is not solved :frowning:

¿Does this means that I won’t be able to use an SD card ever again in this tablet?

To recover the SD you must use the tablet a few days without the SD card in the slot and using the two operating systems.
After a few days, turn on the tablet in Windows, with a pen drive (no matter what is on it) placed in a USB port (on the keyboard or through an adapter in port C).
Once Windows has booted, insert the SD card into the slot (you must recognize it at that time).
My advice is not to use cards larger than 32 GB on Android and, in case of exceeding that size, make a 32GB partition on FAT32 for Android and the rest on NTFS for Windows.

I had done a clean install of Windows where it eliminates Android however some drivers will not work. So I will install his original Windows, I already downloaded Windows in the forum, but I do not understand what to do with these files, not an ISO image, and has 2 folders inside the rar file. What is the procedure to do the installation.?

Copy all the downloaded files inside a Fat32 Pendrive, and rename it to WINPE, connect it to the tablet, start the tablet pressing F7 and select EFI boot, the next steps are automatic

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Thanks for the answer. I did the procedure again, it recognizes the flash drive as bootUFI, but when trying to start it, nothing happens. I can only put the files if I format the pen driver in NTFS.

Hi everyone, which Bios should i download for this modell: CWI515 (Hi10 Q64G42161202302)?Thanks.

Nobody can help? What about the previous versions?

I don’t have access to Bios, you must wait for @ Management to be online this Monday.

Hello everyone, how may I download BIOS or Camera driver for Hi10 Pro CW1529 (HQ 64G42170906777)
I have tried many BIOS and drivers from this thread and through the forum but It’s still not working. (some bios stop the light sensor, some recognized the camera but camera doesn’t start and throw error code 10)
Please help. :pleading_face:

Hi10 Pro 1612 BIOS:



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Thanks @Management, do you know, if there’s lineage OS(Android 6) available for my CWI515?

hello I need the most updated bios, android system and windows for chuwi hi 10 pro HQ64G42170104240, can someone confirm what links to use?
On the other hand, what password does the download have?
Thank you

Thanks @Management, do you know, if there’s lineage OS(Android 6) available for my CWI515?

Chuwi does not support the installation of systems other than the official ones, but this is the link. You should check, with your serial number, if it is compatible


Please Help me I think I found the link (Hi10 HQ64G42170100001-Hi10 HQ64G42170300000) but I can’t find the download password.
Thank you

Try en.chuwi.com

that is the password (en.chuwi.com)

Hi, I need bios for my Chuwi PQ64G42161103133.@Management, Help, please!