Hi10 Pro sometimes power button not working


My Hi10 Pro HQ64gLL2170701909 Kernel 3.14.37-x86 64 LI-R517
Android 5.1

Sometimes it does not turn on. I can quickly push the power button or even hold it down for a while and sometimes it comes on and other times not at all.

Is it a problem with the switch or ?

Should it start with a quick push?

When it does start, the battery always has a good charge.

I have not updated anything.

I need to know as at the moment I can’t rely on it ti use it which is a shame ans I really like it.


Hello, does the tablet have to keep pressing the power button to use it? After releasing it, it cannot be used normally, will it automatically turn off? thanks

Thank you for the offer of help.

No, even if I hold it down it mostly does not start.

I notice the red light is on and sometimes when I quickly click the power button, I get a white battery that shows for a few secs ten goes. There is nothing in the battery, just white, which tells me it maybe needs a charge, yet the last time it started, it showed 57%.

I have change the USB power cable so if it is needing to be charge it may do it now, as I have already had it plugged into the power for many hours with another cable.

I was able to get it to start and chose Win 10 this time.

I had it plugged into a good charger.

I got an USB port error as in the image.

I wasn’t able to go anywhere else in software or os.

I changed charger

and the same and I plugged into computer USB and still the same.