Does not turn on with the power button. hi10 x

Does not turn on with the power button. updated on WIN 11 thought the problem would be solved. Did not help. tell me how to reset the BIOS. tried it but doesn’t help. What commands to press to reset.
now you can turn on or exit the BIOS after long pressing the power button. And it’s not clear how it happens. It happens from 4 or 10 times.
checked in the power settings of WIN 11 and did not find the power control buttons on the device. Writes control buttons not found please contact the manufacturer. Although they used to be, the power button and sound buttons. could be customized. I’m waiting for help.

I have a similar problem. I have upgraded to windows 11 last week and, after several days without problem, it is now impossible to start the PC with the button. The battery is fully charged. I need help!