Unexpected boot on Hi10X

Hi all, I bought Chuwi Hi10X last year and now I have a trouble with it. Could you please teach me how and why it occurs if possible ? About two or three months ago, I couldn’t turn on the power of my Hi10X because of an full empty of battery. This was the first time that It occured and it was suddenly.
After this, it has been occuring now. Again and again…
It occured on the conditions both ‘shut down’ mode and ‘hybernate’.
I know that Windows10 boots PC on the time set to maintain own OS even if during PC is shut down.
But I don’t know whether this issue indicates that situation because I cannot see directly when this issue is occuring because it may be in midnight or not everyday…
When I notice, the battery already got full empty…
I can turn on Hi10X by connecting USB-C plug, but when turning on, Windows10 sais that it could not finish ‘autmatic repair’.
After that I can select ‘reboot windows10’, and selecting it, it is done with no trouble…
because I supposed it was caused by updating Windows10, I tried to cut off the feature of ‘automatic maintainance’ on Windows10, but it is not allowed to users by Windows10.
Finally I made my Hi10X initialize. But the situation is same now…

I did these:

  • I changed the time for ‘automatic maintainance’
  • I tried to cut off ‘automatic maintainance’ but failed.
  • I initialized my Hi10X.

All my work was in vain as a result.
I have no information to solve this issue now.
Please help me.

I think your battery is destroyed and the only solution is to replace it with another. I don’t think your problem is software.
Try installing the battery bar app that tells you the level of battery wear

Thank you for your replying.
I installed battery bar app as you suggested.
App says that the battery of my PC has 0.0% weaken or degraded…

This is an additional information.
When as a trial I left my PC connected to USB-C and being turned on, I awaked that my PC was on and waiting for the key pushed with saying ‘automatic repair failed’… It was on the daytime.
I don’t know when this situation occurred. But I suppose if I didn’t connect my PC to USB-C, the battery would be empty perhaps…
Therefore, I doubt the compatibility of the PC software or software with the hardware, not the battery status.
Thank you for replying.