Chuwi lapbook pro Battery drained to 0% while powered off

Brand new Chuwi lapbook pro complete shutdown for few days, yet when i try to power it on nothing happens, not even a short LED blink. Laptop starts normally when it’s charging (or is charged). If i shut it down after it’s fully charged again and try to power it on a week or so later it’s dead again - empthy battery while being completely shutdown.

I tried fast boot off, lid settings, sleep settings, bios checked etc. Annoying.

Reset the default power settings and make sure the power button setting is off.
Once this is done, when you turn off the laptop, do not close the lid and check the next day if the battery has not drained.
If it continues to drain the next day, my advice is to do a system restore: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC

Perhaps Windows 10 woke it up without your noticing. That has happened to me as well. I changed power options to hibernate it after a period of inactivity so that it would not drain under these circumstances.

If you know how to use Windows Event viewer [%windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s] you can check the log of wakeups at
Log - System,
Source - Power-troubleshooter,
EventID - 1.
The log tells you when it woke up. Look in the ‘General’ tab for the reason it did so.

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