Dead Chuwi Ubook Pro after updating to Windows 10 version 2004

I just updated my Chuwi Ubook Pro to Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update) and I shut it down. When I was going to boot it up, the blue led blinks for less than half a second and it doesn’t boot up. The screen doesn’t light and I tried power button + volume button combinations to enter bios but nothing. Anyone that has had the same problem?

You should not have turned off the laptop during the process, it can generate system errors that are difficult to solve.
To enter the Bios is the Esc key.
You can try to boot with a Winddows 10 pendrive, with the media management tool, by pressing F7 intermittently.

I installed correctly the Windows 10 update, I meant that when I updated and shut down the PC was with the ‘Update and shut down’ button in the start menu. the thing is that I tried to swap the SSD for another one in case of that the drive is corrupted but it doesn’t turn on, that’s the weird thing because it charges properly without any overheating but when I try to turn it on, the activity led blinks for half a second and it doesn’t respond in any way.

Just an FYI, you should choose “Update and Restart” instead of the Shut Down option. It is always better to have the update return into Windows. With the Shut Down option, it might not correctly finish the update.

Have you tried holding down the power button for 20 to 30 seconds? Also, you can try to drain the battery completely and then leave it drained for about a day. Then after it has fully drained, plug in power plug (not using power via the USB-C) and see if it boots up.

Otherwise, you will need to get with Chuwi support.

I just held the power button for like 3 minutes or so and it justs does nothing… And also I don’t know if I can access BIOS because it doesn’t show the CHUWI logo. It’s so weird i don’t understand

Is the battery dead?

This happened with me. My brand U book pro died suddenly while on total usage was about 50 minutes. & 3-4 power on It might have updated after 1st of but then it opened nicely everything was working absolutely fine it was even charging well from 76 to 84% and suddenly screen went black then nothing.
I tried all even funny ( press on 3 times and then attach charger and press on for 20 sec attach to another PC etc nothing absolutely dead not even blue power on light.
I showed it to tablet specialist expert on Chinese tablets . He tried his level best but could not find any fault.i saw countless videos of tablet repairs. Read numerous solutions of other brands but no clue. May be Bios is malfunctioning. As many on this forum are talking about BIOS issues. I never encounter with any other brand.
I pleaded all the Chuwi people but no help or clue of any kind except sending it to Spain.

On the net there are many posting of missing courier of the Chuwi tablets and air travel is closed.
Many people have reported this issue Chuwi R&D must be aware of the problem but are not ready to help.

What are the necessary steps for wiping my UBook Pro and reinstalling Win10.

I am worried about the drivers being missing -
Should I reinstall windows with my Win10 usb OR
Should I clone the drive onto a usb and install from there. Which software to clone?

This should work for you…

This should help you. You will need to backup any data separately.

This is only for Windows 10 system files. You will need to reinstall separate programs and restore any data if you choose to reinstall Windows.

I checked if the drive/windows installation was corrupted by connecting the tablet’s ssd into another computer and it works correctly, it boots to windows without any crash. So it must be a bios/start up problem because it doesnt even show the chuwi logo while booting up.

Yup…almost the same thing happened to mine too. About 2 month ago & still cannot be repaired. Able to use only for about 5 month. Erm…what a waste

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Anybody wants new pencil or key board of U book pro and the Brand New U book pro tablet for spare parts like body, screen touch screen, camera speakers, wall charger etc?

It seems Chuwi tablets and laptops are full of problems than use. BIOS crashes Or corrupts, new battery dies/ drains usb-C charging does not work, any upgradation kills the system Black screen or dead tablet is a common thing only solution provided is: contact customer service that asks you to send your machine to Spain. So many crude Chuwi machines lying dead or unusable all over the world.

In years to come, Chuwi will learn from theIt mistakes and will perfect their technology but the philosophy of using cheap Crap parts And cutting corners will remain. People will continue to buy because of its cheap price and purchase a scrap.

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As you comment, it can be a BIOS problem and the problem will be solved by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, but before opening, you should contact for instructions on how to proceed.

Yup, after more than 2 month waiting to be repaired, I’m now thinking the same thing, selling my Ubook Pro as spare parts.

Anyone need UBook Pro spare parts can contact me. Want to sell mine.

فخرالدين بن محمد

What is your name issue? Maybe I can purchase some parts

Mine is totally dead no pot on LED is glowing, no beeps nothing
Showed to Tablet experts of Mumbai. They can not find any fault. Usually, dead crystal, short or blown: Capacitors , Mosphet, power IC, Charger port, dead/drained battery, loose connections Etc are issues. I feel BIOS could be dead
Removing battery for some time is one sure shot solution, second one Is removing CMOS battery to reset BIOS or charging battery externally is another remedy. My battery was alive after so many days.

Chuwi R&D must be knowing the issue but they don’t want to help.

write to

I had exactly similar issue and found it to be a chip level problem. Nothing wrong with the windows update, not even bios. Power button volume button press will not work (works only on Microsoft Surface!). Replacing the SSD will not work (I tried).

After contacting the Chuwi services China, they emailed me the BIOS firmware but doesn’t work as the motherboard need to be replaced.

I think the best thing to ask for replacement if possible. This thing is a Chinese knock off attractive from outside but all cheap components inside not reliable at all. Services are not good. I tried to contact Amazon US/seller and Chuwi Services China but received no help.

I wish you good luck with replacement.

Same thing with me with the brand new tablet the key board and active pen also have become useless. Parts inside are really of very cheap quality.