Battey down when pc is off

hi guys , anyone notice that what we shutdown the minibook
when is on 100% battery
when i turn on after some time the battery is down allthogh without any use

is there somthing i can do ?

i have now the os win 10 that chuwi provide

tanks fot the help

What you can do is ensure the Minibook doesn’t go in a standby/sleep mode, but really shuts down. Meaning you have to press the ON button to switch it on (and tapping any other button won’t work).

this is what i do

in 3 days its down to 85% from 100%

and the pc is on shutdown total

any advice what do do ?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do as far I know. In his review of they found some weird power consumption when the minibook is switched off.

I have no idea how to fix it. Maybe you can update the BIOS to the latest revision? I will check the power dissipation of my Minibook and see how many % of battery I’m losing in 24 hours. (I just checked the battery, it is 74%. Tomorrow I will check again.

Checked the battery after being off for 24 hrs. It went from 74 to 67 percent in 24 hours. That includes shutting down and starting up. So effectively I lost some 6% charge per 24 hrs due to the remarkable standby_off power consumption.

The minibook is using approx 50 mW power when switched off…

I’ve been having the same problem with my MiniBook! I just got it a few weeks ago (8100Y, 8GB Ram, 256 SSD)
Using Sleep mode, I lost a lot of battery power over night, so I switched to Hibernate, and I am still losing power.
I wish someone at Chuwi could tell us what is causing the power drain and if it can be turned off!