Minibook cannot power off

I received my minibook in yesterday. I updated all windows updates and updated the Win 10 to professional version. Since then, I cannot power off the Minibook no matter I press power off or long press the power button. It did switch off and within a few seconds, it power on again. Can anyone help me. I don’t want to re-install the system cos it need of effort to locate all drivers required. Thanks in advance.

i have the same problem. for me, reinstalling the OS didn’t help. needs a fix!

The same happens to mine.

But I can turn it off by pressing it for a long time. While pressing and holding on to the power button, it will turn off once, and come back on within a few seconds, but just keep holding and it will turn off eventually.

Thanks for your info. But, there must be fault with the system. Any idea to fix it?

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Hi Albert, sad to say, I am no expert myself. So I have no solution for you. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the info. It really work. Though it may not a proper way but it solve the problem.

Try to reset the EC (EC = Embedded Controller – it should be: power off the machine, unplug the power cable, keep power button pressed for at least 30 seconds, you will see the machine “half rebooting” a couple of times, then plug the power cable, make sure the side led changes color, then boot normally), or reflashing the EC (download link in the download section).

Since you just received minibook, its system is the latest. Why do you want to update it?It doesn’t shut down because there is something wrong with the system. You should reinstall it.

i did reinstall the system!
shutting down from the OS doesn’t work (the minibook reboots) but using the hardware (IE - pressing the button a long time) does work.
is that really how chuwi wants people to remember their products? by stupid bugs that can easily be fixed? (not to mention the screen is impossible to rotate after plugging to an external monitor in linux).
just release the drivers for linux already!

Sorry, we can’t provide the technical support about linux.

or is chuwi not supporting linux and/or windows now…

anyways, since Chuwi obviously doesn’t care about it’s costumers - has anyone find a solution for windows? or for debian/ubuntu?