Lapbook Pro Battery bar problem

The battery is charging normally and I get some 7 hours backup with a 100% load. Now starting on battery I get some 30 seconds 100% indication and next 39% and a bit later 0% and the laptop shuts down. If I disable the device in device manager (ACPI compliant control method battery), everything works fine, but without the battery bar indication. Is this ACPI hardware part of the battery hardware or is there a software problem? Please help, Thanks…

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Try resetting the battery.

This happened to my child’s lapbook pro after a year of use for online classes. This worked for me:

You may need to reset the battery. To do this, first, make sure the battery is 100% charged. Shutdown windows and unplug the laptop from the charger. Turn on the laptop and boot to the bios (by pressing F8, i think). Let it sit in the bios until the battery runs out (around 7hrs). Plug the charger but do not turn on the laptop. After about 3hrs or so, the battery should be fully charged, and ready to be used as normal. You do not need to do this often, but it wouldnt hurt if you do it every 6months. Hope this helps.


I sometimes wonder why the battery is discharged enough and discharging may cause deterioration of the battery.

Some concerns can be thought.

  1. if ACPI is enabled, regardless the battery is discharged enough or not, PC turns off.
  2. if ACPI is disabled or shutdown threshold is set to be zero %, the battery is discharged excessively. this may cause the battery deterioration.
  3. even if we do discharging of the battery many times, ACPI cannot work properly. So PC may turn off unexpectedly. the problem is not definitely solved.

Thanks for all suggestions but, up to now nothing seems to solve the problem. Contacted CHUWI support and they suggest to send it in for repair (Spain). I will not do that, I can live with this since I am not using it very much. It is less than 1year old so they will repair it for free with their 1 year warranty. I want to point out to CHUWI that anything sold in the European market must bear 2 years of warranty!