Hi 10 Pro (CWI529) - Don't turn on

I have a model (HQ64G42170604828) that doesn’t turn on (the display lights up or boot), it simply turned off and didn’t turn back on.

Only one light turns on the keyboard when I try to turn it on and it stays static, the orange light on the screen does not light up at any time.

When I connect a USB-C cable to charge it only pulls 2W (normally it would be 10-15W).

I’ve done some measurements and apparently all the voltages are there (the ones I could find)

If I hold the power button the voltages appear and remain until the battery runs out or I hold the button to turn off.

The measurements I made were:
-Bios (1.8v)
-CPU (1.8v)
-Wifi (3.3v)
-USB C (5v)
-eMMC (2.98v)
-RAM (1.2v)
-Some capacitors near the CPU (1.02v)
-Keyboard connector (5v)

What others points do recommend for me to measure to check if there is any defect?
What other things can I do to revive this device?


maybe @manonegra222 can offer some kind of support?

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I did the BIOS re-recording, but it kept the same symptoms, that is, the BIOS was not the problem.

Have you thought that perhaps the problem is not that it does not turn on but that nothing is seen on the screen? Have you tried connecting to another screen or TV through the HDMI port? Try it and write for more support

I did the test with an external video and it did not display an image, the symptom remained the same.

Doing some more measurements I noticed that the internal display does not have power.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but the last few times I used a charger with PD (Power Delivery) could this have caused a problem?

@Lopesleo Is your product still on warranty?.
There would be any possibility that you go to a local store, for someone to check it and tell you what it is, and if its something in hardware that can be replaced maybe we can send to you?

It’s no longer under warranty, it’s been a long time since it was purchased :confused:

I’ve already been to 2 repair shops and both informed that I would have to replace the motherboard to solve the problem

Unfortunately, researching, I couldn’t find where I can buy a compatible motherboard :confused:

Would it be possible to provide the schematics / datasheet / board viewer of the board for me to try to repair it?

Because without this information it is practically impossible to make any more accurate diagnosis

let me ask to see if we have a motherboard. But if we send would be from China and finally will cost like a new tablet… i do not think it would be worthy

It is difficult to know if charging the device with a power delivery charger could have caused damage to the motherboard. If this charger is of quality and gives the correct voltage it should not have caused any problems but I would not have done so because any erroneous reading by the charger of the voltage necessary to charge the device, even momentary, could cause irreparable damage to the module.