Hi 10 Pro - CWI527 not charging

I have a H 10 Pro CWI527. It was working perfectly fine some months ago. I had to move and was not powered on for close to six months.

I plug it into a USB C Charger and it does not charge at all. No led indicating anything.

The charger has been tested with other devices, it is working.

I have tried to keep it charging for 1 full day and the result is the same.

I have tried the 30 seconds power button hold + 3 times power button in sequence as recommended in this forums but no signs of life.

Any ideas?



You can try to push Power Button really during more than 60 sec, during charge. Sometimes it can unblock some power issues and make a real “hard reset”. I give you this advice like that, no sure it will help but one day I had same issue with an Android device and it solved it : Put in charge, be sure that there is some battery and press power button very long time.
Another solution is to plug it with a Windows PC and try to see if the device is recognized (installing USB Android drivers)

Good luck !

If What Contrec says, does not work. Maybe would either be the battery or the connector inside.

Maybe the usb connector has gathered dust? Happened to me.

Hi Team!

Solved. It was simply a matter of waiting for 2 days and it started working…seems that the battery charge takes that long.

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Good for you!

Dust in the connector or a bad cable can lead to longer charge times: more resistance, less current. 2 days is really a lot.

Hello. HI 10 pro would be CWI529 not CWI527. I had the same problem. Battery voltage falled to zero, so you plug the device even if the red LED do not show. The target is to have few % of battery to activate buttons. After a while, maintain Power and Volume + pushed with right hand on the same time and repeat plug, unplug and plug the USB C cable on tablet with left hand. Those actions replace manually the power button action for charging process launch. Then let the device charge while red flashing LED on. Fastboot mode = Power and Volume + , Bootloader mode=Power and Volume - (towards Recovery or Reset)