Chuwi Hi10 Pro charging problem

I have a Chuwi Hi10 Pro (CWI529) which has a small problem with charging.

In practice, when I connect it to the battery charger the charging starts, but after a second it stops and this is repeated continuously. Due to this problem I cannot use the tablet connected to the charger because the charging is not carried out. I can only charge it from off (and even in this case it takes several hours to recharge).

At this moment on the Chuwi Hi10 Pro I have installed Windows 11, but the same problem was also present with Windows 10.

I do not use the original charger because it is damaged, but I use a compatible battery charger.

I hope someone can help me.

For the moment I wish you a good day!

Hi10 pro needs original cable or cable with longer connector, any unsuitable cable will not reach the id\data contacts.

OK. Thanks a lot for the answer!