Chuwi Hi10 not charging in windows

Hi guys

I just purchased a Chuwi Hi10 and for some reason i cannot get it to charge in windows. It works just fine in Android but once i boot in windows it just stuck to the same percentage

Please help
Thank you

Try to reinstall battery and AC adapter drivers.

do you have a link please? i got all the drivers but i have no clue which is for what

If you have all the drivers, you can select the folder with all the drivers in the driver update window, Windows will choose the one that it needs automatically

If your tablet does not charge in Windows and yes in Android, the problem is not the tablet but the USB C cable is not long enough to make good contact since the tablet connector is very deep. (It seems impossible, because it does load on Android, but it is like that).
Try other cables where the connector is longer or cut with the help of a cutter a millimeter of the plastic surrounding the connector on the USB C cable.