Hi10 Plus suddenly has no signs of life

I’ve been using my Hi10 Plus without issues for a while now.

The tablet has not been used in a couple of months. I try to turn it on today and I get nothing. No red LED comes on.

I plug the tablet in to a tested working USB-C charger and I get nothing. No flashing red LED.

I plugged it in to my PC. I get nothing.

Tablet worked fine the last time I used it.

Is there anything I can try?


Could this be a bios issue?

Is there usually some sign of life with a BIOS problem?

try to keep it in the charger for a few min to an hour. Mine was also like that and the battery was discharged too much that it did not show any signs of charging upon first plug

That was indeed the problem. Can’t believe the led doesn’t light up when connected to charger, even with a completely dead battery.

I have the same problem. I checked the battery. It is charged. But it does not turn on!! No red lead. Nothing.
What could it be?

Have you got an fix? I don’t have a BIOS reflasher or anything like that on me right now, so I hope there is an fix without opening it