Hi10 Stock Android

I am looking for stock Android flash for my Hi10 tablet (it is dual boot, but I just want to reflash Android, don’t care about windows.).

Serial number is: Hi10 Q64G42150604271.

I was trying to flash it with 4216/4217, but wifi does not work.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Tomasz, The serial number you provided seems to be wrong.Could you please have a closer look?

Hi! Here is the serial:

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OK, please try to use this one:

Hi, unfortunately this did not work. No WiFi and Bluetooth (as all the version I tried). Also half of screen looks funny, not seen in previous versions).

Looking forward to another Android.


Please open the back shell to see the main board date serial number.


Is this it?

Thanks for support!


Please try to this link:


But this looks like windows only. Is that right?

To be honest, I just want Android (on windows I get ghost touchscreen touches, not seen on Android).

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Well… I tired to flash BIOS with the files from you first post and not it seems like tablet is bricked. Is there anyway to recover it or do I need to get new tablet ;)?


This is Windows because I don’t have android here.You can contact service@chuwi.com to ask.

Hi, I search for Android stock for mu HI10 too
s/n is Q64G42161001190

Also, please contact service@chuwi.com