HI10 Xpro Cant remember pin need to factory reset

can not remember pin to get into tablet. need to factory reset.

In this case, you can only reinstall everything from Zero. If you give me your serial number i will give you the files.

all that is on the case is type:cw1559 there are no serial numbers on the outside of the tablet

would you please make me a picture of the back? or do you still have the box?because cw1559 is not enough for me we have many batch of serial numbers with different software ;(

i need to see the Serial Number. Can you check in the box¿

i did not keep the box.

Then would be hard to give the the files to install if i cant know the Serial Number.Did you buy in Chuwi Store? maybe with the order number i could check which one was sent to you.

i bought through newegg but from the “FROM CHUWI OFFICIAL STORE”

The serial number is written on the sim card tray. This is indicated on the official website.

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Thanks for the tip.

Can you send me files


how to: