Hi10 XR won't boot past BIOS

My Hi10 XR windows 11 suddenly won’t boot past BIOS

I tried to repair through usb, no success

I tried to custom reinstall from bootable USB, but could not find drivers.

Kindly guide me someone.

Hello, there are systems and tutorials in it, try reinstalling, thank you

Thank you for your guide. I was stalled here, it says “cannot find a fixed internal disk”. What else can I do?

Have you tried installing Windows 10, it may work better. TBH I can’t see why anyone would want Win 11 but that’s just me. Install Win 10 first then upgrade to 11, maybe that’ll work. Just a thought.

@CrumblePie , thank you for your suggestion. I made a windows10 bootable USB but, could not boot into windows.The problem is still same as before: windows can not be repaired and no drivers found. any further help will be appriciated.