Hi12 Digitizer Replacement

Hi guys. I’d been looking around and finally found a seller on aliexpress that sells the digitizer part.
However, there’s “Version A” and “Version B (not in stock)”, with different port locations. Makes me wonder were there two versions of Hi12? Version A as below:


(Please refer to the Version B pic in the link below. Apparently, a new user like me is allowed to embed only one image)

Here’s the link:
12inch Lcd Display Matrix Screen For Chuwi Hi12 Cw1520 Cwi520 Tablet Pc Lcd Display Matrix Digital For For Chuwi Hi12 Cw1520 - Tablet Lcds & Panels - AliExpress

Is “Version A” the correct digitizer for Hi12?
Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi. Anyone care to respond? Please?

Try to forward your question to the mangement… Mabe you’ll get an answer…
I did not open my HI12 so far.