Screen replacement


I have the Chuwi Hi9 Pro CWI532 tablet device width broken and non functional digitizer. It is bought a coupIe month ago via Gearbest but I can not claim this malfunction under warranty because I did broke the display. I would like to repair the tablet by myself. As far as I know the digitizer and the lcd screen is laminated together therefore can not be separated from each other without destructing the lcd panel. Therefore I am looking for a spare part digitizer + LCD screen for this model. I looked on the web (aliexpress, gearbest, ebay) and found no replacement for this.

Could you please recommend where can I buy the digitizer+LCD assembled together? I am living in Hungary, Europe. I hope it is possible to source on reasonable price. Otherwise it is best to know if the screen is broken than the device can not be repaired.

Your help is appreciated in advance!