HI12 doesn't power up after firmware update

Hi, my HI12 doesn’t power up after the firmware update… I’m quit sure the motherboard is dead as even the power led doesn’t show when charging…

Do someone have an idea of where I can find a spare mother board ?

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That may just be a BIOS issue. Was a problem a few years ago when many a Hi12 was bricked owing to a corrupted BIOS. The solution is still available on line (a lot less expensive plus the motherboard is as rare as a do-do bird): https://techtablets.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Recovering-a-Bricked-Chuwi-Hi12-caused-by-Corrupt-Bios.pdf

Thank you very much ! It’s not the simplest thing to do but I must say that you’re certainly right about the possibility to find a complete mainboard :frowning: .

If you have used a different firmware version the result is that, it does not turn on. The only solution is to reprogram the bios, with the correct file, with the hmcheng542 tutorial.

To avoid bricks of your devices you should keep in mind that you should not try to update the Bios since the most recent versions published are not updates from previous bios but new bios for new versions of the same tablet model.

Notice everyone: It is not customary to update bios on Chuwi tablets.
The bios versions (newer and older) are different. The components of the motherboard and the hardware environment vary according to the production periods. If you send the serial number privately, I can tell you which bios version is right for you.
But since you just made a brick from the tablet, you can only rewrite it directly with the EPROM writer directly connected to the bios chip. http://itwshungary.hu/korrupt-bios-helyreallitasa/

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i dont know, bro :((

I had problem with the LCD, when I repaired it the device didn’t boot up any more!
I left the device away for a few weeks and the battery became totally dead. When I connected it to the power after a few minutes it showed that is charging and when I pushed the power bottom, it started the device.
My suggestion is to leave it away for a few weeks or open it and some how discharge the battery totally (do NOT short circuit).
Good luck

Hello, my serial is Q64G45161100454.
I bricked my chuwi hi12 :frowning:
Could you please help me.