[Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver

I downloaded and installed Android 8.1 from https://www.android-x86.org

I need to install drivers to activate touch screen and other devices.

How Do I Install Tablet Compatible Android Version?
I only want to install Android

La aplicación para pasar de Windows a Android en éste enlace.
Sólo tienes que descomprimir en el escritorio

Los drivers: click aquí

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Android 5.1 Problems;

  • Screen Does Not Rotate When You Rotate Tablet
  • Battery % don’t
  • I cannot delete Excess pages on the Home Screen

I Solved The Whole Problem;

  • If the Computer Does Not Recognize the Tablet = Android SDK Download /Setup / Run as Administrator, Only Android Usb Driver to Install.

  • Intel Flash Tool Download / Setup / Run as Administrator: Connect Tablet and Computer, Press Tablet Power and Volume Buttons.

  • Seeing the Program Tablet: Select the flash.json file in the Hi12 Andorid cht_cr_mrd_w-flashfiles-userdebug.softteam_P02A_Ilife_C122_E_NG_W_DS_V1.0.7 folder and click Start Flash

  • Clean and Smoothly Welcome to Android 5.1

Hola muchas gracias , tendria la actualizacion de la bios , anda todo perfecto solo tengo problemas con el driver de la tarjeta sd
Hi, thank you very much, you will have the bios update, everything is perfect, I just have problems with the sd card driver

I wanted to ask if links to tutorials are still working? every time I get message that they are private or removed.

The link has been updated and you can use it

Hi, my Chuwi Hi12 is with Atom Z8350 Q64G45170400XXX I reinstalled Android using Intel Flashing program but it wiped out all Windows partitions and white welcome screen where I could choose which system start disappeared now. I can see few links on the top of this page to download windows images for my Q64G45170400XXX tablet but none of them seems to be working anymore. Can you check them and relist them again. Thank you.

Hello! I need BIOS for my Chuwi Hi12. S/N is Q64G45171102280. Other BIOS firmwares posted in these theme are not working.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/pm3lcfej11q1x9z/Q64G45170900XXX.rar/file You can use this one.

Write to service@chuwi.com.

thank you

but still I have problem with the procedure. I only see blue screen. installation is not moving further.
I wrote an email chuwi. we will see.


I want to reinstall my HI12 (Q64G45160604709) so I try to download all the files.
There ara lot of dead links :
Android Remix 2.0
and Chuwi Driver x64

is that please possible to have good links for this files ?
Are they good for my HI12 ?

Thanks a lot !

I’m trying to use working windows image files for atom z8350 https://www.mediafire.com/folder … Hi12_Windows_Z8350_ (TP)_170100001-170105000
and update touch driver for my Q64G45170400XXX later but tablet gets frozen at the begining of the whole process with 1/3 of the screen stays blue, so similar to user Sernik_Rozkoszy… I already asked chuwi service to update those 4 links with windows image for Q64G45170400XXX but no answer yet…

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Accidentally trying recover my windows partition to its original (actually there is working win 10 home evaluation build 18985.vb release 190913-1426) somehow I got back white start menu with os selector Android/Windows and that repaired my boot loop - which was annoying to start android I had to keep +volume after reboot and to start windows I had to go to the bios and choose in boot options override windows boot.
How it happened I can’t explained but there are steps what I did: after another unsuccessfully try to recover my windows from pen drive (this time the whole screen was blue and after about minute tablet shut down) I started my working evaluation copy on tablet then from menu start, settings, recovery, advanced start-up, restart now got me to blue screen with options then chose use device and chose my windows recovery pen drive because I still wanted to recover my original windows and after restart white menu with os selection appeared… but unfortunately windows recovery process still hung with blue screen.

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Chuwi service gave me link http://www.mediafire.com/folder/e3j0kki5klimdbg,9ar9tc9mep7m842,r8lpn6g608pxdzp,n7h62g7tr1htmq8/shared saying “the OS of this link is common to 1704xxx” and indeed I recovered Windows and as far is working good. This is version 1607. In the archive there is Android recovery image but touch screen doesn’t work for me after installation and on Android version which I’m using now touch screen is ok but front camera doesn’t. Are there separate drivers for Android cameras to install?

Hi12 Camera Driver:
touch screen driver:

Thank you for windows drivers, after applying windows image everything is working fine and don’t have to install any driver, but on my android system front camera doesn’t work so is there any android driver for it or I need install different android recovery? I already tried install different android recovery file and both cameras were working but touch screen didn’t.

Hi there, I need help.
My CHUWI Hi12 Dualboot, after I reset window 10 (selected remove all files), display other user, cannot login, safe mode also cannot run as usually.

Plan to reinstall win 10. Can guide me?
Model : CWI520
Hi12 Q64G45161100108