Hi12 Z8300 Dual Boot Windows Files, BIOS, and Drivers

Hello! I have reviewed the other topics regarding reinstalling windows, and I was unable to download the windows files. I could cobble something together, but I am hopeful that someone can post all of the files I need. I have a Z8300. Serial Number Q64G45161002246. Model CWI520. I appreciate the help! Any information on installing windows only, not reinstalling Android, are also appreciated! Thank you!

@Management I have decided to just install using a Windows 10 USB drive. Can you post the drivers for my tablet? The ones I’ve seen previously no longer link to an actual driver. They’re just dead links. Any direction is appreciated! Thank you!

Alright! So, I took matters into my own hands and installed windows using a flash drive of a Windows installation file straight from Microsoft. But most of the drivers won’t install. I’m not sure what went wrong or what I should do. I have no touch support, which is a deal breaker. Should I install using the Windows specific for a HI12? Or is something else going wrong? I appreciate any direction! Thank you!