Hi13 Refresh by Chuwi

Hi. Chuwi has introduced some nice new tablets in 2019. However, I’ve been waiting for a long time for a Hi13 refresh, with up-to-date components : newer CPU, more RAM, a 256GB+ SSD…

The new tablets may have great specs, but none of them has a 13.5" screen. And I absolutely need it.
There are also lots of laptops, but I don’t want a laptop : I want a big tablet with a detachable keyboard.

So please Chuwi, when are you going to finally refresh the Hi13 ? Don’t you think that we have been waiting long enough for it now ???

Thank you.

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I agree. There is no other tablet on the market quite like the Hi13. Unfortunately mine just decided it wont turn on anymore so I was thinking to upgrade to a newer version but surprisingly none exists. I just don’t understand.

Where would I even buy the original hi13? I use tablets as music readers and I’d love to have 4 for my quartet. a refresh with new internals would be awesome. even more awesome would be an option for an android version.

Chuwi Hi13 and CoreBook were the latest Chuwi tablets in large format and neither was a bestseller. Most users prefer more manageable and less heavy tablets.
Chuwi currently has a 12.3" tablet with top finishes, 8GB of Ram and an Intel M3 8100Y processor and 256GB SSD capacity, the UBook Pro

I disagree. Microsoft has 13,5" and even 15" 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablets, and both are best sellers:

As a matter of fact, they’re even high-end products, and despite their size and price, they keep selling. Why ? Because they’re powerful enough to replace a professional laptop, with a screen big enough to work with comfortably (not with a ridiculous 10" to 12" screen), and with a rigid chiclet keyboard, not a soft plastic one.

Maybe Chuwi should rethink WHY Hi13 and CoreBook weren’t best sellers. It wasn’t because of the size or the weight. It was because of their inability to replace a professional laptop. It was a marketing mistake because of their specs, not because of their size. They were aiming the wrong market, that’s all.

For example I could have bought a CoreBook, but having only a 128 GB (non-replaceable) SSD was a deal-breaker for me. I even wrote to Chuwi to tell them about it, but they never considered offering more expensive alternatives (256, 512…). Too bad. It would have been so easy !

Now IF Chuwi can propose a real laptop alternative, with real up-to-date laptop specs (i3/i5/i7 or Ryzen CPU / 8 GB RAM / Up to 1 TB SSD), with a real keyboard and with a detachable tablet part, THEN it will be a success. :slight_smile:

Actually that’s all we’re hoping for : not just a big tablet, but rather a regular-sized laptop with a detachable tactile screen (and I mean “detachable”, not just with a 360° hinge). Is that too much to ask ? Microsoft has been doing it for several years now. And we’re still hoping for a chinese Surface Book alternative with a 13,5" to 15" screen. Why ?..