Hi8 Pro CW1513 PQ32G2216080355 - DRIVERS REQUEST

I’ve searched the whole forum for a couple of days, tested an enormous quantity of files, found tons of broken links etc.
I have a simple question:
My device is a Hi8 Pro, model CW1513, Serial # PQ32G2216080355. Born with dual OS.

Due to some Win OS bad updates, I had to wipe all the partition and reinstall Win10. I don’t need Android.
To save a little storage, i’ve installed Tiny10 by NTDEV, wich work perfectly for all my old devices.
Except for this Chuwi. As many others reported, the installations went good, but i can’t find a solutions for drivers. Touch panel and realtek network adapter at firsts.
None of the driver found here are working.

So please, can someone provide the wifi and touch driver for Win 10 - PQ32G2216080355 ?
Thanks in advance.

For some unknown reason,I forgot I’ve done a drivers backup a few days ago with DoubleDriver. Restoring these drivers finally made the Hi8 working good again.
So, if anyone with the same hardware need these drivers (since the forum link are all outdated) this is the mediafire archive: D4D6_Hi8Pro 09-02-2024 14-37-54

For your safety: VIRUS TOTAL SCAN

Of course you need to restore the drivers using DoubleDriver software. It works pretty fine.

i will try to update our the links of Hi8 Pro in the subforum Thank you for providing the files.