Hi8 Pro - Dual boot to Single boot - no drivers

I have a Hi8 Pro with dual boot (the windows installed is 32-bit).
I booted from Win10 32-bit USB bootable build 1909 (tried the 64-bit but the setup not started).
Wiped all partitions and installed fresh Win10 build 1909 32-bit.
Now the touch screen doesn’t work even after windows updates and the display looks like classic theme which seems the graphics driver absent as well.

Please help - how can I find the drivers for touch screen and other devices ?

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dualboot driver_32bit download:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … 90nrzlux47q04cvwp56

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dualboot Driver_64bit Download:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … fqqbi1qxccdtniyfd4l

Chuwi Hi8 Pro wifi/bluetooth driver (serial number after 221605)
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … hsf3dblbsgnu83gmidw

Can’t find the driver for the touchscreen even here in the link
Can someone please point me to the specific driver ?

Windows will find it by itself, just choose folder with all drivers.

Touch panel driver

Didn’t work …
The driver is not working. I found another driver which makes the touch panel work but calibration is wrong. When I try to calibrate only half of the screen works correctly. Those drivers are not 100% compatible I guess.
Can I just reinstall with you factory WIN10 installation? My model is ending with 1709 so the only download I found was for 1705.
Tried the instructions but it didn’t work. The disk on key was not bootable.

Do you have detailed instructions step by step in English how to prepare a bootable disk on key with original win10 image that has the drivers (like before) ?

Hi @Biosham
your Hi8 Pro drivers link is broken.
May you add a new 32bit link? My Hi8 Pro has 1709 S/N and I’m not able to find a Wi-Fi driver installable on my chuwi version.

Sorry, i don’t have access to the firmware. Try write to service@chuwi.com