[Hi8 Pro] [Tutorial] How to flash Android for Chuwi Hi8 Pro

How to flash Android for Chuwi Hi8 Pro

This method is for all Cherry Trail Z8300 tablets, such as Hi8pro (Dual Boot version), Hi10, Hi12,HiBook, Vi8 plus, vi10 ultimate,etc.

  1. Install Android Programming Tool “PhoneFlashTool”;

  2. Open the Android Programming Tool to flash Android for Hi8 Pro following these steps below:

    Click “Browse” to choose the Android Firmware file

    To choose “flash.json” will erase Windows. After flashing Android, you have to reinstall Windows again;
    To choose “flash-no-erase-all.json” will not erase Windows;
    Configuration: recover;

    When the “flash.json” or “flash-no-erase-all.json” is chosen successfully, please long press Volume "+“, Volume ”-” and power button.
    Firstly long press Volume “+” and “-”key in shutdown condition. At the same time, long press power button until the led light become yellow. Long press Volume “+” and Volume “-” key until the yellow english words “DNX FASTBOOT MOOE…” show in the middle of the screen.

    Then connect tablet and computer using date cable (one port for USB port of the computer, another port for Type-C USB of the tablet);

    When tablet is connected sucessfully, The blue button “Start to flash” will be shown.
    Then clicking blue button “Start to flash” will start to flash.

    When the process become 100% and show green, you can pull out the tablet.

PS: To flash tablet is risky, if your tablet has no problem, please don’t try to flash your tablet.

Download Tutorial:
https://mega.nz/#!49wXiDSY!4cGlN … 2SZShTYdpeJMojiZWJk

Where do I download Windows 10 drivers for Hi8 Pro?
My touch screen needs a driver.

Thanks for replying, but these are links to Windows images, not what I need. I only need touch screen drivers for Hi8 Pro as I installed Windows May 2019 edition from ISO.


Did you manage to find the driver for the touch screen? Im having the same issue

Tôi không vào được chế độ dnxmode helpme

I need bios for seri 1151xxxxx plz

write to service@chuwi.com

existen versiones de windows para las tablet chuwi, incluso son más ligeras.
por eso tienes problemas de driver

Hello Admin,

I need some help, please. I tried to flash the BIOS of my HI8 Pro to fix the SD card issue. As it turned out I was not using the proper BIOS and bricked my tablet. Since flashing the wrong BIOS it is not even charging. I tried to re-flash it with the original BIOS using an EPROM programmer. The reprogramming of the BIOS went fine. Somehow the tablet is still bricked and it does not charge. Any recommendations, please? Thanks a lot!

Zoltan K.

Hello, i need solve a deep sleep problem in my Hi8Pro PQ32G22160306643.
Can anyone help me with Android firmware ? (links [manonegra222] not working.

best regards