Hi8 Tablet (not Hi8 SE)


I have a dual boot (Windows + Android) Hi8 tablet. On the box it does not say Hi8 SE, so I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this tablet.

I still have Android 4.4 on this tablet.
Is there a newer Android version (Android 6 or 7 maybe ?) ?


Officially no

what about unofficially ?

Firmware are not in free access because they are not stable and most functions do not work.

so we are stuck with 4.4 ?

Yep :man_shrugging:

that’s too bad. There are older tablets which have official/unofficial Android 9/10 builds.
I am not looking for Android 9 btu Android 6 or 7 would be great.

I am at the same situation. Android 4.4 here and I am looking a way to update it to newer version. I nee id to study at school and run the apps which does not work on android 4.4