Hi9 plus red button. 4 gb and 128 gb

Hi , before one week start the problem with sound. The speakers don’t says clearly the voice. Is not good sound and you can’t understand. Voice and song’s. What can i do? The speakers have problems?? Can i do something with Android and fix it?? Thank you.

The tablet is for kids and they don’t want it now becau6of this problem.

The first thing you should do is reset the tablet to factory settings. Doing this will return the tablet to the state it was in when you received it. You will have to configure it again but it will serve to check if the problem is software if it is solved.

Go to settings, security, reset to factory settings

I did but not help. The problem is still there.

We must check if the problem is with the speakers or the system.
Try to connect the headphones or a bluetooth speaker, if it sounds correctly, the problem is with the speakers, if not, it will be the system

I did it. The Voice is clear with headphones. The problem is with speakers? ?

Go to settings, sound and check that the multimedia sound is not too loud, causing the sound to be saturated in the speakers