HiPad Pro : The CH108Q_LCD_FPC_RevA flex cable wanted

Tablet type : CWI526
ID : JHipadPKY1220401641
Bougth : Allego Poland, over two years ago

For the last few days I am digging the internet looking for the flex cable connecting display with the mainboard in HiPad Pro, with no effect. I have seen on a forum I am not the only one with the problem but the only one HiPad Pro owner. That’s why I decided to create a new topic from the scratch.

The ID of the cable can be seen on a picture and it is : CH108Q_LCD_FPC_RevA.
May be somebody has one from the broken device?..

I will ask tomorrow if we have stock of the cable or the screen with the cable.But im not sure, as is an old product.

Thank you, Maria. I’ll be waiting for an answer. Best regards.

I have asked warehouse and we dont have stock, also asked in factory and neither. Maybe some users that do not use anymore may have it…
Im sorry

Thank you very much for your time and effort, Maria.
It should be a good example for every company :clap: :+1: beyond the lack of a spare part.

Here is an offer for every broken Chuwi HiPad Pro owner then:

I will buy the whole broken device for 100$ or just the cable from the picture above for 50$

Anyone interested?..

If you are willing to pay even money let me check if we have some old broken HiPad Pro from which you could take the cable.Or even a refurbished one. I will answer you on Monday.

Great !

I did not forget about you, its just the person who understand about the cables was on factory working these past days . He told me he will try to find a cable or something for you. Be patient.

Thank you very much, I do wait with patience. I am also an engineer so I understand how the technical companies work. Best regards.

@Mathew we finally found a cable. Total cost with shipping is 21$.
Please write an email to service@chuwi.com. Dont do it now. Do it on Saturday or Sunday Morning that we will work, as we have three days holidays this week.

You need to say:
"Hello I am the customer that needed the Flexicable of HiPad Pro JHipadPKY1220401641
I am ok with the fee and shipping cost, total 21$
Please inform me on how to proceed for the payment
Write also your complete name and address so-:

When you do it, write me here, so i check the inbox mail.

Wow. I am impressed. I will proceed as described and let you know here after all. Hear you soon.

Hello Maria,

I have just sent the email to service@chuwi.com.


Yes, i saw it. Will tell my colleague tomorrow.

Hello Maria. I have got no message regarding the flex cable :disappointed_relieved:

did you check in Spam my colleague wrote you on sunday

Maria, many thanks for your help.
It is difficult to say what has happened with the primary mail, but after your yesterday’s message it has been sent again and I had finally got it.
I have just transferred the money and also sent an email to service@chuwi.com with all the details asked. I will let you know here about next steps happening.
Best Regards.

I am glad to hear that

Hello Maria. I have got no message from anybody regarding the cable after I transferred the money. Can you be so kind and remind your colleague about me?.. May be somebody had closed the ticket and it’s assumed as resolved.

I am sorry, my colleague told me , we received the payment and she will ship it on Monday.
I will send you the tracking number when i have it.

Great :+1: Thank you very much.

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