HiPad X restart all time

Hi, my Chuwi HiPad X restarts all the time, impossible to stop it, from time to time the operating system launches, but as soon as it is used for a few seconds it restarts. If I go into recovery or fastboot mode, it starts to restart in a loop. Anyone have a solution? Thanks for your help.

Hello, what version is your hipadX, please provide the machine serial number, the back of the machine or the SIM card slot

Hi, the serial number is : HiPad X Q128G2094305

Hello, there are systems and tools in it, try to reinstall after you download, thank you

Thank you for the files I will try and I keep you informed of what it gives.

I’m stuck on the tablet looping reboot, when I press volume + , to access fastboot and choosing fastboot it does looping reboots. I made a 840kb video to show my problem, how to show it to you?

Hi, after open the HIPAD X for stop the reboot, recovery mode says no data… and for the fasboot mode, i can’t install drivers MTK USB… Windows 11 says it’s ok but i have one driver not identified when i connect the HIPAD X with usb. Could you help me for mtk usb driver windows 11 please, thanks.