Hipas Plus Android 13

I was able to get the android 12 version of LineageOS to work on the table.

But before that I tried to install the android 13 version and I could not get internet to work, despite being able to turn on Wifi and connect to my home router. I also tried with the android 13 version of crDroid, same problem.

Any idea why android 12 works but not the 13? Does it need new drivers or something else?

ArrowOS Android 13 is working fine so far.

PixelOS too (more stable than ArrowOS).

SparkOS too, the best one so far.

Hi, I was trying to find ArrowOS/PixelOS/SparkOS build for HiPad Plus but did not succeed at all. Please can you post more info or link? Thanks!

Thank you! Does any of these ROMs allow to solve known issues of display - minimum brightness too high and bad color calibration?

Colors are better yes, as for min brightness I don’t remember having this issue even on the stock rom.

Mr Sam can you please provide a little guide on how to install new custom? what method did you use? many thanks