How and where in the world do you order a charger for herobook pro?

Hey guys,

I have been very much struggling to find a new charger for my herobook Pro14.1. Nowhere on the website am I finding anywhere to buy a charger, the only way to get ahold of this company looks like to open a Facebook page to chat (sorry for my tone here, but what the hell is that about?), and when I go into a Staples, no one has seen a charger for this and knows what to do.

Has anyone else needed to order a new charger? Where/how did you get it, and what kind of charger is it? Also, my charger quit working after 4 months of use…

Very frustrating that the company makes contacting them so difficult and that you can’t order chargers from them.



Hi Elizabeth, welcome to the forum.
I regret what happened with the official charger, which I imagine you have not left plugged in without being connected to the HeroBook after charging it.
You must write to that will surely make you follow a new charger.

Thank you for your help. I haven’t left it charging in the wall without charging my computer. Thank you for providing an email address. I hadn’t been able to find an email address to contact them at. T

Hi Elizabeth,
Please goto AliExpress
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