How can I find license key for windows install on Chuwi Hi12


I cannot start up dualboot Chuwi Hi12 in windows anymore or access windows in any way (android does start up)
Now I don’t know now how to retrieve the license key for windows. Is there any other way I can retrieve the license key or will the tablet automatically get activated during install?

Also I want to flash WIN10 from usb (downloaded from Microsoft) and install singleboot windows on dualboot Chuwi. Where can I find the drivers for singleboot Hi12 flash WIN10?
And is it necessary to reinstall the BIOS? I remember previously reading in this forum it could be tricky though I can’t remember details on that specific post…

The serial number is: Hi12 Q64G45160601171

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You do not need the Windows key to install the operating system. When you ask for the password during the installation process, you must check “I don’t have a password”. What you do have to keep in mind, in case you are going to install Windows, keeping Android, when you ask where you want to install Windows, on that screen, you must delete the partitions 12,13,14 and 15 indicate the unallocated space as destination of the installation, without creating partitions or formatting anything, since it will be the Windows installation program that does it automatically

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