How do I disable Windows product key in BIOS?

I was sold a CHUWI Corebook Xpro laptop [cwi530-50885e1pdmxx] and it has a pirated Win 11 Pro product key in its BIOS, which will not activate the system.
Can you please tell me how to disable this key in the laptop BIOS so that it is not read by the operating system during installation?
The Chuwi service declined to help. Does anyone know how to do it?

Мне продали ноутбук CHUWI Corebook Xpro [cwi530-50885e1pdmxx] и у него в БИОС записан пиратский product key Win 11 Pro с которым система не активируется.
Подскажите, пожалуйста, как в БИОС ноутбука отключить этот ключ, чтобы он не считывался операционной системой при установке?
Сервис Chuwi помочь отказался. Может кто-то знает как это сделать?

That’s surprising because only OEMs have access to BIOS (Firmware). It’s hard to believe that the end user manipulated the key in BIOS. It’s highly likely that the previous owner has abused the key by using it multiple times on multiple devices and now MS have blocked it
There’s a workaround.
Create a plain text file with name as ei.cfg (The extension must be .cfg NOT .txt) and place it at \Sources folder on the USB installation key.
How to populate that file, there are plenty of tutorials on web.

This way the Windows 11 install will ignore the key in BIOS and refer the contents of ei.cfg during installation.

Alternatively if you have your own genuine key, use PID.TXT file. Again refer web for how to populate it.