How low can I let the battery get?

How low can I let the battery get on the Chuwi Hipad Plus?

Sure wish a small manual would be included on these Chuwi tablets.


You can let as low as 1% but this is not healthy. Ideally, for a better battery life, you should maintain between 15% and 80%. I wouldn´t let lower than 5% in a specific situation where you need to finish using the tablet or so.


Appreciate your reply, thanks.

I do like that the Chuwi battery lasts much longer than my old tablet.

I have an old Hi12. Mine is set to squawk at 10% and shutdown at 5%. It shut itself down the other day, I immediately rebooted and it read 17% and I continued to use it until down to 5% again then let it charge.

I hope that reset the battery percentages, but have my doubts. I really need an adapter that puts out more than 2.1A as the Chuwi Hi12 really needs 2.5A it seems. I have the screen brightness all the way down and it sucks up power anyhow…

Thanks for the info. Helps me to learn bit by bit.

I do have the screen brightness set really low to conserve the battery, and that brightness is sufficient for me.